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Entry requirements: Bachelor's degree including 90 credits in Tourism Studies, and English 6/English B or equivalent.

Selection: On the basis of previous university credits. Between 30 and 285 credits may be taken into account.

  • Application SS19 week 04-23, fulltime100%, day. Application code: SH-44186
  • 15/09/2019 SS20 week 04-23, fulltime100%, day. Application code: SH-44038

Tourism Studies, Master's Dissertation

Course 30 credits

The course provides an overview of tourism studies and a specialisation in city tourism and its related topics. The course starts with the planning of the independent project (master's dissertation). This is followed by a literature review and compilation of a theoretical framework based on the dissertation's research problem, chosen by the individual student. Following this is a module on research methods, focusing on the use of different methods and knowledge integration. Finally, the independent project is conducted (Master's dissertation).

The information below comes from the syllabus and is valid from: autumn semester 2018

Course design

Lectures, seminars and tutorials. All teaching is in English, although the individual student can choose to write assignments and the independent project (Master's dissertation) in English or Swedish.

Learning outcomes

On completing the course, the student can:

Knowledge and understanding

  • describe in detail the following specialisation in tourism studies: sustainable destination, heritage attractions, events, professional meetings, collaborative networks and hospitality management within metropolitan tourism.
  • compile previous research in tourism studies based on a topic overview with the aim of identifying interesting and important areas of research.
  • describe in detail methods for investigation and analysis that are relevant to the issues of tourism studies.
Skills and abilities
  • autonomously identify and formulate scholarly problems to carry out advanced tasks.
  • critically search for and review current and relevant research that could form a coherent theoretical framework for work in tourism studies.
  • assess the suitability of, and apply, relevant research methods to a scholarly problem.
  • categorise, systematise and analyse empirical qualitative and quantitative data and information in a scholarly manner.
  • autonomously plan, conduct, present and defend a scientific work on issues of tourism studies.
  • critically review and oppose scholarly articles and essays on issues of tourism studies.
  • integrate knowledge and analyse complex research questions, even with limited information.
Judgement and approach
  • discuss and problematise tourism’s role, scope and significance in contemporary society.
  • critically assess the social and ethical implications of research and development work.
  • critically reflect on his or her own learning and the need for further knowledge in their continued professional development.


1001: Individual specialisation:
- Individual written assignment

1002: Research Methods:
- Individual written assignment
- Seminar participation

1003: Master's dissertation:
- The independent project (Master's dissertation) is presented, discussed and defended at a final seminar. The dissertation must also include an English abstract and a popular summary of each no more than one (1) page.
- The student must also critically review another student's independent project
(Master's dissertation).
- Seminar participation and supervision meetings

Occasional missed seminars and supervision may, after consultation with the examining teacher, be compensated for through written assignments, or if the examiner deems appropriate, other relevant compensation tasks.

Grading criteria will be distributed at course/module start.

Syllabus valid from autumn semester 2018

The above information and syllabus are based on the most recently validated decision. Any previous versions are available here.


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