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This course is only open for exchange students.

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  • SS18 week 08-12, fulltime100%, day. Only for exchange students.

Social psychology

Course 7.5 credits

The course covers theory and method in social psychology. The emphasis is on how thoughts, emotions, motives, and behavior are affected when people meet and communicate. During the course, you will learn how: stereotypes, altruism, aggression, attraction, and conformity, are constructed and maintained. To apply these areas to practical use the course also consists of an empirical work where you and fellow students will investigate and analyze the results of a social psychological problem and present the results. The goal is to further your theoretical and practical understanding how people tend to think, feel and act under different social conditions.

The information below comes from the syllabus and is valid from: spring semester 2018

Course design

The course consists of lectures, seminars, and group supervision.

Learning outcomes

On completing the course, the student is able to:

Knowledge and understanding

  • briefly describe the history of social psychology, as well as its central concepts and theories
  • demonstrate a basic understanding of scientific thinking
  • compare central theories and models of social psychology, and describe their scientific basis
  • account for basic knowledge of research methodology and theory of science
Skills and abilities
  • explain how human modes of existence and behaviour emerge and are formed in interaction with the environment
  • describe and apply basic concepts in research methodology and statistics
  • interpret and describe basic social psychological phenomena
  • collect, summarise and report an empirical data set
Judgement and approach
  • at a basic level, apply a critical, analytical approach
  • reflect on the science of psychology's application of class, gender and ethnicity perspectives


1001, Social Psychology I, 6 credits (U/G/VG)

  • Written exam
1002, Social Psychology II, 1.5 credits (U/G)
  • Planning, implementation, and written reporting of empirical data
  • Seminar participation
Absence from at most two (2) seminars may be compensated by means of written assignments.

Grading criteria will be distributed at course/module start.

Syllabus valid from spring semester 2018

The above information and syllabus are based on the most recently validated decision. Any previous versions are available here.

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