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Entry requirements: The equivalent of English B and 60 credits in Business Administration, Familiarity with Kotler's work on the principles of marketing.

Selection: On the basis of previous university credits. Max. 165 credits may be taken into account.

This course is only open for exchange students.

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  • AS18 week 36-40, fulltime100%, day. Only for exchange students.
  • SS19 week 04-08, fulltime100%, day. Only for exchange students.

International Marketing Strategy

Course 7.5 credits

Marketing is a challenging and important part of business. Rapid changes in Internet opportunities and in consumer tastes, intense global competition, privatised and deregulated industries, accelerated technologies and maturing markets create threats as well as opportunities for profit and non-profit organisations. Marketing plays a major role in determining an organisation’s response to a rapidly changing environment. Sophisticated marketing has become a dominant feature of dynamic companies in the 21st century. This course examines marketing opportunities, problems, strategies and business development models appropriate for international companies. The course is divided into four parts, each corresponding to an essential function of international marketing. On completion of the course, the student is able to: 1) describe the essential differences between local, regional and global marketing and explain the conditions in which each is preferable 2) analyse relationships and recommend appropriate action for the major functions of product development, research and development, and production, including sourcing, on the one side, and marketing on the other 3) describe, explain and prescribe marketing tools, ‘fads’ and frameworks in various marketing situations 4) recommend procedures, including benefit cases and cost estimates. The course is assessed by a short essay, two case studies and a final written examination.

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