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Conference facts

When: 2016-12-01 09:00,2016-12-02 17:00

Where: Södertörn University

Organiser: The Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), Södertörn University

Event language: English

Research linked to the Baltic region and Eastern Europe: Ja

Transforming Spaces – Mastering Uncertainty:

A Second Take on Area Studies in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe. CBEES Annual Conference 2016.

2016-12-01 09:00,2016-12-02 17:00
CBEES Annual Conference will take place on December 1-2, 2016. Baltic, Central and Eastern Europe has undergone numerous spatial, cultural, political and social shifts. The conference explores memory, citizenship, politics, identity and place in light of these shifts, historically and in the present

Om konferensen

The region of the Central and Eastern Europe and Baltic is – and for a long time has been – characterized by major spatial, cultural, political and social shifts. The sense of necessary transitions or unavoidable transformations has given rise to a range of historical and contemporary uncertainties concerning issues of both national and regional dimension. The feeling of uncertainty relates not only to the political stability of the region, but also to ethnic, racial, religious, gendered and sexual identities and their relation to citizenship. Particularly interesting are various struggles and negotiations about how these identities and new structures are narrated and remembered (or forgotten!). To address these issues, this multi-disciplinary conference seeks to explore the complex intersections of memory, citizenship, politics, identity and place. These phenomena are to be investigated with regard to their pertinence to the field of area studies that itself should be problematized.

Specifically, this conference invites papers including questions such as: the transformations and sedimentations of European borders; contestations and negotiations of political, civil, social and intimate citizenship; the production and reproduction of national, ethnic and racial identities; the silencing, restoration and articulation of collective memories; political and cultural contestations of vernacular and material heritage; affective and ideological dimensions of place, space and politics; precarious livelihoods; the restrictions and renegotiations of gendered, sexual and reproductive rights in a changing political European landscape; and, identity politics and protest movements. These issues (and more) will be discussed in the three interrelated thematic streams “memory and heritage”, “citizenship and identity” and “the politics of space”.

We invite proposals for individual papers as well as panels. We are also open to proposals of roundtables consisting of 4 to 5 participants (with 5 minute opening statements from each participant followed by a discussion with the audience).

The deadline for all paper, panel or roundtable proposals is June 20, 2016. Proposals should include the full title and a brief abstract (250 words). Please include with your abstract a short biographical note (academic affiliation and full contact information). PhD students and younger scholars are particularly encouraged to participate in the conference. Individual papers will be assigned by the conference organizers (CBEES) to a panel according to the topic, and should be short enough to be presented in 15–20 minutes. All contributors (papers and panels) are encouraged to indicate a preferred stream (i.e. Memory and Heritage, Citizenship and Identity and the Politics of Space).

Participation in the conference is free of charge.

Please send your proposal to:

Keynote speakers:

  • Professor Teresa Kulawik, Södertörn University
  • Professor Andrea Petö, Central European University (CEU), Budapest
  • Professor James Wesley Scott, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu

The Conference Committee consists of the Research Leaders at CBEES:

Jenny Gunnarsson Payne

Kimmo Granqvist

Kazimierz Musial


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