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Niklas Eriksson

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Niklas Eriksson
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Alfred Nobels allé 7
Södertörns Högskola
Fax: +46 8 608 4170
F 824 F-huset

Niklas Eriksson (b. 1976) studied Archaeology at Södertörn University. He has worked as a field archaeologist, both under and above water, and as a curator at the National Maritime Museum in Stockholm. Since 2010 he is on leave for research. In 2014 he defended his Doctoral dissertation Urbanism under Sail: An Archaeology of fluit ships in Early Modern Everyday Life.

Drawing on fenomenologically inspired approaches within the archaeology of buildings the aim of the thesis has been to highlight the archaeological potential of well-preserved Baltic Sea Shipwrecks. An important point to make has been that wrecks – as archaeological source material – has a relevance that far beyond the sub-discipline of maritime or nautical archaeology.

Parallel to the PhD research Eriksson has been involved in several surveys of shipwrecks, including the small pinnace Resande mannen (1660) and the huge warship Mars (1564). Besides the wreck-research he has written contributions to anthologies concerning Swedish traditions of education (Svenska Bildningstraditioner) and Swedish Sailor's Tatoos (Svenska sjömanstatueringar). At the present he is involved in a project called "Ships at War: Early Modern Naval Battlefields in the Baltic Sea" at Södertörn University and is writing a book using the ship Riksäpplet (The Sovereign's Orb) that sank in 1676.

In 2013 he received Sjöhistoriska samfundets (The Swedish Society for Nautical Research) researchers prize, to commemorate the historian Jan Glete.