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Malin Gawell

Malin Gawell

Associate Professor

School of Social Sciences

Contact information

Malin Gawell
Alfred Nobels allé 7
Södertörns Högskola
Phone: +46 8 608 5120
ME 418 Moas Båge

Malin Gawell, PhD, is associated professor in business studies with a focus on entrepreneurship. Her main research interest is how social entrepreneurship, social enterprises and civil society can contribute to the development of society. This means a problematization of both potentials as well as critical aspects of how human beings engage in and organize activities based on what they perceive as necessary. Malins publications include her dissertation on Activist Entrepreneurship (Stockholm University), the anthology Entrepreneurship in the Name of Society (published by KK-stiftelsen), and the anthology Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprises. Nordic Perspectives (published by Routledge). Apart from these books, she has written a number of reports in Swedish as well as international research articles and book chapters.

Currently Malin is involved in three major projects with a focus on different dynamic aspects in society as well as the organizing and leadership in civil society. You find more information about these projects in the list next to this text.

As a part of research and collaboration, Malin is regularly engaged in organizing workshops/conference tracks such as:

  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Challenges in the Nordic Countries.
    Workshop at Nordic Academy of Management’s conference 2017.
  • Interrelated Initiatives for Gender Equality in Civil Society and Swedish Public Policy.
    Workshop at International Society for Third Sector Research ISTR 2016. Participants: Minister of Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke and representatives from Swedish Association for Sexuality Education RFSU, Women’s Shelter Unizon, WINNET and ISTR’s affinity group on gender.
  • Social Enterprises in International Comparison.
    Workshop with some 40 participants from 25 countries organizaed at Södertörns University 2016.
  • Entrepreneurship Research and Political/Ideological Trends.
    Workshop at Swedish Academy of Business and Management’s conference FEKIS 2014.
  • Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Learning.
    Workshop at Swedish Academy of Business and Management’s conference FEKIS 2014.