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Hans Ruin

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Hans Ruin
Alfred Nobels allé 7
Södertörns Högskola
Phone: +46 8 608 4586
PD 216 Primus

PhD in Theoretical Philosophy from Stockholm University 1994. Founder of the Södertörn University philosophy department in 1999. Co-founder and former President of the Nordic Society for Phenomenology. From 2010-2015 director of the multidisciplinary six-year research program ”Time, Memory, and Representation - recent developments in historical consciousness” (www.histcon.se). Co-editor of the Swedish edition of Nietzsches Collected Works. Member of the board of Hermeneutische Jahrbuch, and co-editor of Södertörn Philosophical Studies. Main research interests include phenomenology, hermeneutics (especially Heidegger, Nietzsche), and modern French thought (especially Derrida and Foucault), and early ancient philosophy (especially Heraclitus), theory of history and memory philosophy of religion, and philosophy of technology. Has published articles in Research in Phenomenology, Continental Philosophy Review, Husserl Studies, British Journal for Phenomenology, Nietzsche Studien, Studia Leibnitiana, Epoche, Comparative Continental Philosophy. Main book publications include: Enigmatic Origins. Tracing the Theme of Historicity Through Heideggers Works (diss, 1994). A commentary to the Heraclitean fragments (in Swedish, 1997), Metaphysics, Facticity, and Interpretation (with D. Zahavi and S. Heinämaa, 2003), The Past´s Presence. Essays on the Historicity of Philosophical Thought, (with M. Sá Cavalcante, 2006), Phenomenology and Religion: New Frontiers (with J. Bornemark, 2010), Re-Thinking Time: Essays on History, Memory and Representation (with A. Ers, 2011), Phenomenology, Technology and Mediality (in Swedish, with L. Dahlberg, 2011), Ambiguity of the Sacred. Phenomenology, Politics, Aesthetics (with J. Bornemark, 2012), Freedom, Finitude and Historicity: Essays on Heidegger’s Philosophy (in Swedish, 2013). The Ethos of History (co-editor of 3volume work, in Swedish, 2016), Between Memory and Forgetting: Essays in Cultural Memory (in Swedish, with J. Redin, 2016). Forthcoming: Being with the Dead: Burial, Ancestral Politics, and the Roots of Historical Consciousness (Stanford UP).