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Björn Hassler

Contact information

Björn Hassler
Alfred Nobels allé 7
Södertörns Högskola
Phone: +46 8 608 4433
Fax: +46 8 608 4510
MD 466 Moas Båge

Title and position
Professor in Environmental Science

My primary research interest concerns Environmental collaboration at the state level in the Baltic Sea region. At present, I am mostly working on regional collaboration and policy issues related to over-fishing and eutrophication and on marine spatial planning in the Baltic Sea region.
Theoretically, I use different forms of rationalistic approaches in most cases, involving e.g. rational choice theory/game theory and regime analysis. Methodologically, positivistic perspectives using case studies involving qualitative as well as quantitative data probably captures my line of research reasonably well.

Environmental policy and related areas on undergraduate (Environment and Development program), master (Environment, Communication and Politics program) and PhD (various courses) levels.
Supervision at all levels, including PhD students.