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Nils Ekedahl

Nils Ekedahl

Associate Professor

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Executive Management

School of Culture and Education

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Nils Ekedahl
Alfred Nobels allé 7
Södertörns Högskola
Phone: +46 8 608 4507
MA 916 Moas Båge

I am a senior lecturer of rhetoric at the School of Communication, Media and IT. Since spring 2011, I am Pro-Vice Chancellor of Södertörn University.

In my research I have mainly studied political rhetoric in Sweden between c. 1600 and 1850, but also the theory and history of teaching rhetoric and the importance of classical rhetoric in Carl Linnaeus' systematic botany. Particular areas of ​​interest are the relationship between rhetoric, politics and practical knowledge, as well as rhetoric and historiography in early modern Europe. My published writings include Det svenska Israel: Myt och retorik i Haquin Spegels predikokonst ("The Swedish Israel. Myth and Rhetoric in Haquin Spegel's Preaching, 1999), "Collecting Flowers: Linnaean Method, Species Plantarum and the Humanist Art of Reading", in Species Plantarum 250 Years. Proceedings of the Species Plantarum Symposium held in Uppsala August 2003 (2005), and "Celebrating Monarchy: Literary Panegyric as a Means of Representation and Communication", in Scripts of Kingship: Essays on Bernadotte and Dynastic Formation in an Age of Revolutions (2008). I currently lead a research project in which the extensive number of panegyrics addressed to the Swedish royal persons c. 1620-1740 are studied as an early modern sphere of publicity.