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Jenny Ingridsdotter

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Jenny Ingridsdotter
Doctoral Student
Alfred Nobels allé 7
Södertörns Högskola
F 1026 F-huset

In spring 2017 I defended my dissertation in ethnology about migration to Argentina through Russia and Ukraine. In 1994 there was a special migrations agreement set up between Argentina and the newly independent states in the post socialist sphere (Resolución MI 4632/94). Most of my research participants left the post socialist sphere due to economic and social crisis in the 1990s. However arriving to Argentina, a country that in 2001 faced a major economic crisis, life did not turn out the way they had expected.

I am interested in how these political and economic changes have impacted on their lives and self-understanding. I work with a framework of political discourse theory, de-coloniality and ethnographic methods. This phd-project has been driven by an interest in how participants understand their past, present and future in relation to their position in global and local worlds. The overall aim is to analyze how larger societal transformations (dislocations), such as the implosion of the Soviet Union and the Argentine crisis of 2001, has impacted upon their self-understandings and created grounds for possible and impossible subjectivities and positions.   

Through interviews I examine how research participants way into Argentina was conditioned by practices of deregulated labor markets, precarious tenancy and informal economies. How do they navigate these practices and make sense out of their present, past and future according to local positions of class, gender and race?

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