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Liza Haglund

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Liza Haglund
Senior Lecturer
Alfred Nobels allé 7
Södertörns Högskola
Phone: +46 8 608 4913
PD 256 Primus

My dissertation Towards Epistemic and Interpretative Holism (2017), is a critique of three major perspectives on learning. Based on the philosopher Donald Davidson, an initial sketch of an alternative is presented. In spring 2018 I will start the post doc project "Pupils and teachers construct knowledge about values and existential questions in the leisure center."

A couple of my later publications are the result of a completed three-year project on philosophical discussions on value-based issues at school. The project has been conducted in collaboration with the National Theater and Luleå University of Technology.

 I teach at teacher education, police education and pedagogics.

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