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Torbjörn Bergman

Torbjörn Bergman



School of Social Sciences

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Torbjörn Bergman
Alfred Nobels allé 7
Södertörns Högskola
Phone: +46 8 608 5058
ME 114 Moas Båge

From New Years 2013, I am working part-time as a project researcher at Södertörn University. My regular position is at Umeå University, where you can reach me at torbjorn.bergman@pol.umu.se.

Most of my research falls within three subfields: (1) coalition politics, (2) national
parliaments in the European Union and (3) delegation and accountability in representative
democracy. These bodies of literature are often treated as separate, but for me they are closely

In all three areas, my focus has been on institutions and political parties. I have also connected
these central themes to questions concerning the current status of representative democracy.
Increasingly, this has concerned research on how national, Nordic and European politics is
becoming intertwined. Currently, I am trying to move into the study of the Baltic Sea area
and East-Central Europe. This is partly because of intrinsic interest in comparison with and
among these countries. But the area is also fascinating because it offers an opportunity to
reevaluate theories of politics that have evolved with an empirical focus on Western Europe.

My regular position at Södertörn (2009-2012) included research, academic leadership (metod- och teoriutveckling), and teaching at the undergraduate level (mainly Masters-students). Academic leadership involved taking responsibility for a joint research seminar, supervising doctoral students, and taking initiatives to enhance research funding for the department. I also took part in teaching
at all levels of education, facilitated the department's national and international networks,
and worked to improve contacts with society at large ("kontakterna med det omgivande samhället").
I helped develop research focused on the Baltic region and East Central Europe.