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Patrik Höglund

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Patrik Höglund
Doctoral Student
Alfred Nobels allé 7
Södertörns Högskola
F 927 F-huset
I am a PhD-student in history in a project called "Ships at War ", which is a collaboration between the disciplines of history and archeology. The project is explicitly multidisciplinary and based on the findings of well-preserved warship as Mars 1564, Vasa from 1628, and Svärdet (the Sword) and Kronan (the Crown) from 1676. The working title of my thesis is: People and power structures - social hierarchies aboard warships during the early modern period. I have previously worked as a marine archaeologist at the Maritime Museum and the Vasa Museum. My research aims to study the social groups and power structures on board warships during the early modern period. A time when it was of utmost importance to know one´s place and preserve the God-given social order in society. Creating and maintaining differences between people can be said to be a great part of the cultural base. But the differences were not given but must be constantly created and recreated in practice - in speech, writing, socializing, architecture and so on. Unlike on land, staying on a warship had clear limitations and conditions, particularly as regards the lack of space and the fact that the stay on board was only temporary - the ship was owned by the state. The need for specialized expertise could collide with aristocratic exclusivity requirement for higher positions. This meant that the ideal early-modern society could not fully function. Some phenomena where “at odds” with the prevailing ideology. In close contact aboard were a number of potentially complex power relations and intersecting hierarchies that interests me. One hypothesis is that during the period studied, as well as in society in general, different groups - especially the nobility - was manifested more clearly on board. I want to examine a number of expressions to select and create differences between groups on the ships, for example regarding spaces and personal equipment.