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Jöran Hök

Jöran Hök


Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Contact information

Jöran Hök
Senior Lecturer
Alfred Nobels allé 7
Södertörns Högskola
Phone: +46 8 608 4293
Fax: +46 8 608 4200
ME 324 Moas Båge

Ph.D., senior lecturer at Södertörn University since February 2009. Working primarily as supervisor and researcher. Was previously for ten years editor-in-chief of OmVärlden, the magazine In-the world, which deals with international development and is published with support from Sida. Previously senior lecturer in journalism at JMG, Göteborg University (1992-99) and also guest lecturer at Stockholm University (2008-2009). Has also worked on the international desk at the bi-largest Swedish daily newspaper Göteborgs- Posten (1984-91), and also in several local newspapers and participated in the editorial board of several specialized journals.

Focus of research: preconditions for journalism in conflict and post-conflict regions, mainly in former Eastern Europe states with focus on Ukraine and Moldova  

Doctoral thesis: External Conflicts in journalism and research - preconditions for a dialogue, Padrigu Press, Gothenburg University 1995

Recent research papers:

"Aspects on conditions and challenges for journalism in Afghanistan", paper for the conference "Medias Role for Democratization in Post-Conflict Countries in the Age of the Global War on Terrorism", Örebro University, March 2008

"Public Service in Danger, Perspectives for Journalism in a Fragile State: the case of Afghanistan", paper for the conference "Future of Journalism", Cardiff University September 2009

"International intervention, democracy promotion and goal conflicts in Kosovo and Afghanistan". Paper for ECPR  European Consortium for Political Research: Standing group on international relations (SGIR) working group 13; "Challenges of Democracy Promotion", International Conference in Stockholm  September 2010

"Connecting the local and the global in journalism education". Paper for INTED 2011: the International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Valencia 7-9 March 2011

"Give the world a chance - promoting local-global connections in journalism studies", Paper for the conference "Intercultural versus Critical Education - contrast or concordance" Stockholm  14-17 April 2011

"Who is the Swedish journalist - Recent studies and critical remarks". Summary for the project "Journalism in change":  Södertörn University in collaboration with the Universities of Wroclaw and Moscow, April 2011

"Autonomy and journalistic culture – threats and opportunities in a comparative perspective", Paper for the 3rd International media reading - conference, Lomonosov State University, Moscow 10-12 November 2011

"Impartiality and autonomy - preconditions for public service media in post-conflict and transition states" Paper for the conference "From theory to practice: how to assess, measure and apply impartiality in news and current affairs" in Jönköping 18-19 November 2011

"A double edged democratic deficit - The Menace of Party Politization and Oligarchisation of Mass media in East and Central European States", Paper forNordMedia Conference in Oslo 8-11Augusti 2013

"Generations in a changing media landscape - a comparative study of Polish and Swedish reporters viewpoints on the future of journalism", paper for the conference: "Future of Journalism", Cardiff 9-11 September 2013, Conference panel: "Changing attitudes and identities"

"External actors in Baltic mass media markets  - the Swedish Bonnier group’s interventions and entrepreneurship in Estonia and Latvia in a historical perspective", paper for the European Media Management Associations Conference in Oporto, Portugal June 2016

"Journalism students, vocational training and the professional ethics of mass media" paper for INTED conference, Valencia, March 2018

Recent book chapters:

"Swedish journalism- a long struggle for autonomy" in Nygren, Gunnar (ed.): Journalism in Russia, Poland and Sweden - traditions, culture and research, Journalisikstudier vid Södertörns högskola 4, 2012

"Impartiality and autonomy -preconditions for journalism in weak states" in Barkho Leon: From Theory to Practice - how to assess and apply impartiality in news and current affairs, Intellect, Bristol 2013

"Working conditions" in Dobek-Ostrowska, and Nygren, Gunnar (ed.): Journalism in Change, Professional Journalistic Cultires in Poland, Russia and Sweden, Frankfurt: Peter Lang Publishing House, 2015

"Journalism in democratic and authoritarian states" in Nygren/Hök: Ukraina och informationskriget" (Ukraina and the information war) Stockholm MSB, 2016 (in Swedish)


Recent published peer-reviewed article:

"The role of external and internal actors in the future of mass media in Afghanistan"  Asian Politics&Policy vol 7, issue 4 2015, pp 675-680