Our research

Books in the librarySödertörn University has professional, creative research environments that range over many disciplines and fields.

Our research has a contemporary focus united with an active and critical approach to the past. Many of the research groups and research projects strive to achieve a high level of contemporary and social relevance. The university's research generally has an international focus, even in subjects that traditionally examine their own national cultures and history. A key word is multidisciplinarity.

Södertörn Lectures

Södertörn Lectures is a series of cross-faculty lectures given by prominent visiting researchers at the university. They are aimed at the general public, students and staff. The lecture series started in 2007 and prominent researchers such as Piotr Sztompka (Poland), Saskia Sassen (US) and Catherine Delcroix (France) have been invited speakers. Södertörn Lectures are also published in print.

In order for the lecture series to gain support at the university, have continuity and to reinforce multidisciplinarity, there is a group that is responsible for the practical aspects of the lectures, as well as acting as an editorial board for the printed series. The group includes Apostolis Papakostas, Maria Borgström, Monica Hammer, Bengt Jacobsson and Lisa Öberg.

Contact persons:

Apostolis Papakostas (editor in chief), tel: +46 (0)8 608 4283, e-mail: apostolis.papakostas@sh.se

Karin Edberg (administration and organisation), tel: +46 (0)8 608 4846, e-mail: karin.edberg@sh.se