Semester Start spring 2019

Welcome to a new semester! Important information about the semester start is available here, including roll calls/registration and timetables.

Gustav Amberg, Vice-Chancellor

“I’m honoured to have been appointed Vice-Chancellor of Södertörn University and am looking forward to leading the university into the future. It is a university characterised by innovation, diversity and openness,” says Gustav Amberg.

International applications

International Master's programmes and courses in English. Welcome to Södertörn University!

Welcome to Södertörn University

The university offers about 70 academic programmes and 300 courses and currently has 11 000 students. Eighty courses and eight Master's programmes are taught in English.

Research in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe

Research at Södertörn University covers many different disciplines and areas. Multidisciplinary research into the Baltic Sea Region and Eastern Europe is a significant profile area at Södertörn University.