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Students' comments on our teaching

Many of the courses and programmes at Södertörn University and the Red Cross University College book their students onto the library's critical information search classes. Every year, we teach about 3500 students. Here are some comments (translated).

Student at a library class.

Dan, Social Work

What did you think about the information search class?
– I have studied at Stockholm University previously and written, among other things, a B-level essay so I was already familiar with the information in the class. It's good, however, to get an explanation of how to quote and write references correctly. Some don't think it's important and a lot of people don't know enough about it. Perhaps they're not aware of what the consequences of not knowing can be, for example, plagiarism, which can lead to you being expelled from the university.

– It's good that the library offers classes, and individual tutorials, but it's important that information searches are integrated into the course syllabus. You need more time with teachers in order to get continuous feedback about your work. It's of great benefit, and it's how you learn.


Student at a library class.

Elin (Political Science)

What do you think about when you hear the phrase "information search"?
– Databases, where you type in words and search. But I was surprised by just how much was about being critical of sources and how to define and use sources.

Is there anything in particular that you will remember from today?
– The importance of justifying my choice of sources and my own reasoning, why I'd use something, and how to argue in its favour.

Would you recommend other students to come to the library's classes?
– Yes, it's certainly not a bad idea. It's a good way of confirming that information searches is a process.

More student comments (translated)

  • "Great commitment and a willingness to hear our questions and ideas!".
  • "Good to get started with ideas about the information searches".
  • "Clear, educational and informative class".
  • "Good and clear overview of different search tools".
  • "Good to know if a text is scholarly or not and how to think about keywords".
  • "Very useful. Will be of great help!".