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Researcher.Here we have gathered information which teachers will find especially useful. On the library website you will find more services and information on what help the library can offer.

The Study Support Unit

Do you as a teacher think that your students need to develop their writing skills? Do your students need to work on their ability to reflect and communicate their thoughts effectively both verbally and in writing? And are you as a teacher in need of resources which would give your students support in their language and writing development?

The Study Support Unit for students

The Study Support Unit at Södertörn University helps to give the students the best possibility of success in their studies, as a complement to the teaching on the courses. Students can come to us with questions on writing, speaking and study techniques. The teaching staff at the The Study Support Unit provide the students with the necessary knowledge and tools to help them develop their writing, speaking and study techniques both in Swedish and English. We also aim to raise awareness of the importance of language in study results, thinking and identity. In addition to the tutorials, we offer both courses and lectures for students.

All students at Södertörn University are welcome regardless of subject or level of study. We teach Swedish, English and oratory skills. The Study Support Unit is located in the university library.

The most usual comments we hear consist of:

If I’d known what the The Study Support Unit did I’d have come here a long time ago.


Now I’m in my third year and have missed out for most of my time here.

Information on the university website and our materials aside, direct information from the teaching staff is our best channel for reaching students and encouraging them to find the The Study Support Unit. If you as a teacher recommend your students visit us, more will come. Our tutorials for students complement your teaching and will contribute to an increase in the overall quality of the students’ texts – which as a result will ease the task of teaching.

The Study Support Unit for teachers

The Study Support Unit works with students will hopefully make the job of teaching easier by providing the students with the tools needed for effective study and development of their writing and verbal skills.

The Study Support Unit also works directly with teachers from individual study programmes and subjects. We can provide, for example, courses and lectures which are specific to the students on your programme, subject or course.

The Study Support Unit can also conduct seminars for teachers on the topic of language and writing development. As the teacher of a particular subject it is sometimes difficult to know what is the best method for helping students’ language and writing development in that subject. We have experience of tutoring students in writing and speaking and with this experience as a foundation we can lead seminars on writing and text tutorials, evaluating texts, about the wording of assignments and examination questions and methods for detecting and dealing with anxieties students may have towards speaking in front of a group.

Organising tutorials/lectures

If as a teacher you are interested in what we do at the Study Support Unit and would like us to give a short presentation of ourselves on your course or programme, please contact us.

We also offer lectures, introductory presentations in conjunction with the start of a new term and customised courses or tutorials for teachers covering students' writing, study techniques, verbal reports, essay tutorials, and much more.


Supervisor: Kajsa Sköldvall

tel: 08-608-40 92