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Students with computers in the library.Here you can find information which is particularly useful for students who want general support with their academic studies. On the library website there is more information about other services and support offered by the library.

Study techniques

Keep your chin up! When everything is going slowly and studying is becoming frustrating, it’s easy to think you are doing something wrong; that you lack “what it takes”. In actual fact it is simply a matter of understanding how to read, make notes and remember things effectively, and which study methods suit you the best.

The Study Support Unit can help you develop study techniques which will make studying at university easier, more effective and more fun. Don’t wait to get hold of the tools you need for your studies! The knowledge you get from the Study Support Unit is always useful, both at university and later in your professional life.

You will need to book a time for a tutorial in study techniques. A tutorial session is 30 minutes long, and can be organised for you or a group.

For more information see: “Booking a tutorial time” on the Opening hours page.

Make sure you attend the Studietipset lectures “Study Techniques” (in Swedish language only)

The following questions and many others will be answered during the lecture:

  • What is important to make a note of in lectures and seminars?
  • How can I remember everything?
  • How can I study effectively before an examination?

Dates: Autumn Term 2018

  • Tuesday 11 September, 12:15–12:45 in the Library, entrance floor

No registration required! In the pdf below you can read more about study techniques:

litteraturtips.pdf  (Swedish language only)