About Södertörn University

Students outside the main entrance of Södertörn University.Södertörn University provides high quality research and education at all levels, offering a friendly atmosphere and an inspiring environment. Our modern, attractive campus is located in Flemingsberg, 19 minutes from central Stockholm on the commuter train.

Södertörn University combines interesting subjects to make engaging and often unique degrees. We offer 270 courses and 70 programmes, and currently have 11 000 enrolled students. We conduct education and research in the humanities, social sciences, technology and natural science. We also offer teacher education with an intercultural profile. Research into the Baltic region and Eastern Europe forms a knowledge environment that is among the best in the world.




The Aesthetics programme and Aesthetics offer courses that provide a range of perspectives on aesthetics and aesthetic experiences - from studies of modernity and media to a classic and philosophical perspective on the subject



Archaeology is the study of mankind and its culture from prehistory to the present day.

Archive Studies


Archive Studies is a young subject in higher education and is still closely linked to vocational training as an archivist. Archive Studies has a place in the traditions of both the humanities and IT. The archivist profession has long been related to the subject of history, from where many basic ideas about how archives should be organised originate.

Art History


Art History at Södertörn University is both thematic and rooted in contemporary life. We let history enrich the present day and vice versa. Themes are linked to concepts, narratives, issues or methods, instead of following a single chronological line.



Biology is a wide-ranging subject that deals with knowledge about life on earth. If you are interested in the living world, this is your subject. The courses offered at Södertörn University include The Philosophy of Science, Physiology, Ecology and The Knowledge of Species.

Business Studies


Business Studies is a broad subject in the Social Sciences, allowing in-depth study of a range of different orientations such as accounting, finance, marketing and organization.

Comparative Literature


Comparative Literature deals with all kinds of fiction, which are studied in relation to society - historically and analytically. Our subject covers the dominant oral, written and visual media of its time.

Development Studies


Development studies addresses global development issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.




Economics is the study of the economy of society and deals with issues that we read or hear about every day in the media. Economists work with economic analysis in the orivate and public sectors.



The subject is based on current educational research and focuses on issues relating to socialisation, learning and identity in a transnational, multi-ethnic and intercultural context.



With hundreds of millions of people around the world using it daily, English is undoubtedly one of the most important languages in our world today.  In virtually every country, it is an essential part of business, research, commerce, technology, politics, news and many other fields where the exchange of ideas is essential.

Environmental Science


Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary area for research and education, integrating the natural and social sciences.



Ethnology is concerned with the ways in which cultural patterns emerge, are reproduced and transformed at different points in history and in different geographical spaces, as well as how they affect and are affected by various groups of people. 

Gender Studies


Gender Studies is a broad and interdisciplinary field of research. The subject is of importance in politics, culture, economics and many other areas.



Geography is an interdisciplinary subject that unites the social sciences and natural sciences in the knowledge of the Earth. Geography applies the unifying vision required by many contemporary environmental and social problems.



History is the study of how societies have evolved, and how humans have created themselves as social creatures.

History of Ideas


The History of Ideas is about the history of human thinking, from Antiquity to the present day. The subject not only covers the history of philosophy, religion and science, but also that of political ideas.

International Health


International Health deals with the human and natural factors influencing human health. Why are things are as they are? How can problems relating to these factors be reduced or eliminated?

International Relations


Do you want to work with international opinion building, external analysis, foreign and security policies, overseas aid or international management? Are you interested in how to take and retain power in a globalised society? If so, International Relations is the subject for you!



Are you passionate about social issues? Do you want to provide people with information and motivate them? Do you want to express yourself in text and pictures and master the latest media technology? If so, studying Journalism at Södertörn University is right for you.

Meal Sciences


Meal Sciences is a multidisciplinary, industry-oriented academic subject for people who have a passion for meals, drinks and service in the restaurants business and meal services, as well as in the public sector.

Media and Communication Studies


Media and Communication Studies presents historical, social scientific and cultural-theoretical perspectives on the media. From the new to the old, from private to public, from journalism and news to the arts and entertainment, from media arts to computer games.

Media Technology


Media Technology is an interdisciplinary field that includes technology, social sciences and humanities. The subject mixes theory with practical application which provides the best conditions for the labor market.



Philosophy offers you a platform from which you can critically study the relationship between the different descriptions of the world you meet in art, science and religion. This means it is also a good complement to other subjects, whether they are humanities or sciences.

Police Education

Work as a police officer is complex, requiring continual updates to knowledge and expertise in many areas. Our Police Education is located in a multicultural urban area where the trainee police officers are well placed to learn about the complexity of their profession.

Political Science


Do you want to work with political mobilisation, political analysis, public administration or political decision-making? Are you interested in finding out how to take and hold on to power in society - from the local to the global level? If the answer is yes, Political Science will provide you with the essential knowledge on both counts.



Psychology deals with how people think, feel and act in relationships and different contexts and phases of life. At Södertörn University we emphasise factors and processes that lead to balance and development throughout life

Public Law


Public Law is the collective name for the legislation that covers the relationship between the state and the individual. It regulates which rights and obligations individuals and companies have in relationship to the state.



Rhetoric at Södertörn University unites knowledge from the 2000-year history of Rhetoric with modern research into language, culture and society. Our Rhetoric courses mean that you will not only become better at convincing and influencing others, but also at acting wisely in complex and demanding communication situations.

Social Work


Loneliness, homelessness, substance abuse and vandalism. These types of problems are found everywhere, but are more apparent in urban areas. Social work is the right subject for people with a commitment to social issues and to finding solutions by changing the social environment.



Sociology is a subject that provides in-depth skills and knowledge in the understanding and analysis of society, with all its diversity and complexity: politics and economics, fashion and trends, the labour market and working life, wealth and poverty, sports and entertainment, ideology and religion, involvement or apathy, arts, culture and the media.


Studies in Practical Knowledge


We want to create meetings between different forms of knowledge: theory and practice, art and science. We investigate, highlight and develop practical knowledge, with an emphasis on the different forms of knowledge used in working life.

Study of Religions


We live in a time when different forms of religion are discussed, analysed, criticized or defended, every day in the public debate. The mass media often use religion to help explain different social phenomena, and political discussions often cite religious arguments in a way that many find surprising.



The Swedish language surrounds us every day and is a continual influence. We use language to convey facts and knowledge, but it is also important when we want to express our creativity and our identity.

Teacher Education


We train and educate pre-school teachers, extended school instructors and teachers for primary, lower and upper-secondary schools. Teacher Education is the hub of the university’s research and doctoral programmes and courses in the field of educational science. We also offer continuing education for professional educators, as well as contract education.

Tourism Studies


The subject mainly deals with individuals' travel to various destinations for a range of purposes, as well as how naturally occurring conditions at a destination and different players' offers enable travel to and accommodation/activities at the destination.