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Culture and Education

Interior from Södertörn UniversityThe School of Culture and Education includes the following subjects: English, Aesthetics, Aesthetic Learning Processes, Philosophy, Gender Studies, Art History, Comparative Literature, Media and Communication Studies, Education, Rhetoric and Swedish, as well as Teacher Education and the Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge.

Teachers and researchers at the school largely work across subject boundaries, and Teacher Education involves teachers from a number of subjects at the school and from other academic schools at the university.



The Aesthetics programme and Aesthetics offer courses that provide a range of perspectives on aesthetics and aesthetic experiences - from studies of modernity and media to a classic and philosophical perspective on the subject

Art History


Art History at Södertörn University is both thematic and rooted in contemporary life. We let history enrich the present day and vice versa. Themes are linked to concepts, narratives, issues or methods, instead of following a single chronological line.

Comparative Literature


Comparative Literature deals with all kinds of fiction, which are studied in relation to society - historically and analytically. Our subject covers the dominant oral, written and visual media of its time.



The subject is based on current educational research and focuses on issues relating to socialisation, learning and identity in a transnational, multi-ethnic and intercultural context.



With hundreds of millions of people around the world using it daily, English is undoubtedly one of the most important languages in our world today.  In virtually every country, it is an essential part of business, research, commerce, technology, politics, news and many other fields where the exchange of ideas is essential.

Gender Studies


Gender Studies is a broad and interdisciplinary field of research. The subject is of importance in politics, culture, economics and many other areas.

Media and Communication Studies


Media and Communication Studies presents historical, social scientific and cultural-theoretical perspectives on the media. From the new to the old, from private to public, from journalism and news to the arts and entertainment, from media arts to computer games.



Philosophy offers you a platform from which you can critically study the relationship between the different descriptions of the world you meet in art, science and religion. This means it is also a good complement to other subjects, whether they are humanities or sciences.



Rhetoric at Södertörn University unites knowledge from the 2000-year history of Rhetoric with modern research into language, culture and society. Our Rhetoric courses mean that you will not only become better at convincing and influencing others, but also at acting wisely in complex and demanding communication situations.

Studies in Practical Knowledge


We want to create meetings between different forms of knowledge: theory and practice, art and science. We investigate, highlight and develop practical knowledge, with an emphasis on the different forms of knowledge used in working life.



The Swedish language surrounds us every day and is a continual influence. We use language to convey facts and knowledge, but it is also important when we want to express our creativity and our identity.