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Researcher.Here we have gathered information which teachers will find especially useful. On the library website you will find more services and information on what help the library can offer.


The SH-StudyWeb is used on all courses and programmes. On the SH-StudyWeb, as a teacher, you can gather all the materials necessary for a student to follow a course. You can also communicate with students, set up collection trays as well as make use of the many other useful functions.

Hands typing on keyboard.About SH-StudyWeb

On web-based distance learning courses almost all of the teaching is conducted via SH-StudyWeb. Every campus-based course also uses SH-StudyWeb. It provides us with functionality that can be used to create discussion forums, simple tests, quizzes and other student activities.

Teachers can set up collection trays, links to timetables and create groups. You can share links and create your own simple presentation films. SH-StudyWeb allows you to gather all the necessary information for students to be able to follow a course. Most of the communication between teachers and students, and students with other students, takes place here.


Some of what SH-StudyWeb offers

Reuse a previous course structure

Instead of creating a new structure every semester, you can reuse both structure and content.

Delayed publication

Create all your content at once, but choose when each part is published or withdrawn.

Distribute important information quickly and easily

SH-StudyWeb means you can easily distribute new updates, such as cancelled lectures or other important information. Students can receive push-notice messages via the app.


When students submit coursework, you can choose to communicate with them individually or as a group.

Collaborative tools 

The project tool allows collaboration on coursework and projects; it can be used by both students and teachers.

Contact and support



You can access your courses by logging in to SH-StudyWeb. It provides most of what you need for your studies, such as course rooms, access to services and resources, news for students and much


Manuals in english



You find more manuals (please note: in swedish only) on the intranet ("Medarbetarwebben")