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Researcher.Here we have gathered information which teachers will find especially useful. On the library website you will find more services and information on what help the library can offer.

Web conferencing using Adobe Connect

The e-meetings program Adobe Connect can be used for seminars, lecturing to large audiences, teaching and meetings with colleagues.

Do you want to find out more about e-meetings and Adobe Connect?

We are here to help you get started when using Adobe Connect as a teaching aid. Contact us if you would like a personal introduction. We also arrange regular workshops. The dates and times for workshops will be advertised on the university intranet.


E-meetings with Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is the e-meeting software staff and students at Södertörn University can use for free. As a tool it enables you to, among other things, work with documents and applications at the same time as you, with the help of a web camera and microphone, communicate with other colleagues in the meeting.

Adobe Connect's supports many different types of meeting, everything from private meetings between two individuals to lectures and seminars with large numbers of speakers and an audience.

Getting started with e-meetings

If you want to try Adobe Connect, you will first need to test that it works on your computer. Adobe Connect is web-based meaning that you do not need to install it on your computer, but you may need to install a plug-in. Download the plug-in before the test starts.

There is also information on how to use Adobe Connect on the internet, for example instructional videos on YouTube (Swedish language only). To create your own meetings you must to log in to Adobe Connect. To log in, use your SH-account login, the same as you use to log in to the university's computers. Type in

Students working in front of a computer

Recommended equipment

To use all the features Adobe Connect has you will need the following:

  • A computer connected to the internet
  • Internet Explorer with a Flash plug-in
  • A webcam
  • A headset with microphone and headphones

For members of staff at the university there is recommended sound and image equipment which can be ordered through Wisum purchasing system.

Get help from Café Connect

In Café Connect you can get help with settings in Adobe Connect, for example, audio settings. On Café Connect's webpage you will find direct links to other information, a guide and opening times.