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Environmental Studies

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Södertörn University has addressed the challenge of integrating Natural and Social Sciences creating a relevant, dynamic and engaged interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research area: Environmental Studies.

Within Environmental Studies, researchers draw on approaches,theories and methods from different disciplines in order to achieve an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the causes, scope and management of problems relating to the environment and natural resources, and necessary conditions for sustainable growth. This broad interdisciplinary research area, examines human interaction with ecological processes, from different natural science and social science disciplinary viewpoints. The research covers ecological and other natural processes that affect the ecosystems over space and time, environmental changes and problems caused by anthropogenic influences as well as environmental policy, governance and sustainable development. Knowledge in both ecological and social sciences is necessary for the understanding of the complexity and multidimensionality of environmental issues and problems. Research within Environmental studies at Södertörn University focuses on three integrated themes: Environmental Change and Ecological Processes, Environmental Governance and Environment and Development.


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Welcome to Christian Sommer’s half time seminar in Environmental Science,

Processes and factors governing benthic community dynamics - environmental change in the Baltic Sea

11 December 2018, at 10-12 am in MD521

 Discussants: Anna J. Székely, assistant professor in Biology at Department of Ecology and Genetics, Limnology at Uppsala University and Mats Grahn, professor in Evolutionary Genetics at the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies, Södertörn University

 Most welcome,

Research Education in Environmental Science