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    Bakhtinian Theory in Postcolonial and Postsocialist Perspective

    Workshop, organised by the Institute of Contemporary History at the School of Historical and Contemporary Studies and the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), Södertörn University.

    The workshop is organised in connection to the publication of the special section on “Bakhtinian theory in postcolonial and postsocialist perspective” in the Baltic Worlds (number 1, 2017). The special section was produced as a follow-up of the 15 th International Bakhtin Conference “ Bakhtin as Praxis: Academic Production, Artistic Practice, Political Activism ” (July 2014, Stockholm).

    Bakhtinian concepts have proven to be productive in explaining the ways in which social, political and cultural forces intersect and affect each other, particularly during periods of transition. Such transitions could include colonial struggles for independence, the right to self determination of oppressed populations, the disintegration of the state and its system of governance and large scale migration. Bakhtin’s work describes certain important facets of the operation of authority and violence within culture and the ways in which such forces may be opposed and undermined. The critical traction of categories such as dialogism, carnival and the laughter also will be discussed in connection to postsocialist and postcolonial studies. While Bakhtinian categories are often employed in a mechanical fashion or too loosely, they need to be specified and developed in order to realise their potential.

    The workshop participants will be asked to continue the discussion that was started in the special issue. Questions include (among others): How can Bakhtinian ideas expand and enrich our understanding and analyses of contemporary political movements and social transformations? And How might Bakhtinian ideas be developed or revised better to suit analyses of non-Western cultures?


    09:30-10:00 Coffee, registration


    Presentation of the special section of Baltic Worlds - Ninna Mörner, Paromita Chakrabarti and Yulia Gradskova


    Irina Sandomirskaja, professor of cultural studies, CBEES, Södertörn University:

    The Luminous and Dark Bakhtin: in Connection with the English Language Publication of Bakhtin's Wartime Notes


    Madina Tlostanova, professor of postcolonial feminisms, Tema Genus, Linköping University:

    From negation to appropriation, or How to regain your honor as a prophet in your own country … and at what expense?


    Lusine Dzhanian and Alexey Knedlyakovsky, artists:

    Art protest in Russia. Mordovlag, the art of direct action, one episode from Pussy Riot.

    12:00-13:00 Lunch

    Per-Arne Bodin, professor emeritus, Stockholm University, Department of Slavic Studies:

    Witches in the Northern Sweden. A Bakhtinian Approach.


    Leung Wing-Fai, Lecturer in Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s College London, UK:

    She, a Chinese: Time, Space and the Chinese Migrant in Guo Xiaolu’s Works


    Johan Öberg, Göteborg University:

    Избытык видения/Visual surplus: archeologists’ artefact based discourses on how life really was during the Bronze Age


    Charlotte Bydler, Senior Lecturer, School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University:

    Yhchang heavy industry art project of digital design – Bakhtinian perspective


    Claire Tancons, curator and researcher, New Orleans:

    Farewell, Farewell: Carnival in the Circum-Atlantic Economy of the Flesh. (Post-colonial perspectives on the modern carnivals of the Americas)

    15:30-16:00 General discussion, coffee
    16:00-17:00 Film on art-protest in Russia. Discussion

    Tid och plats

    När: onsdag 4 oktober kl. 09:30-16:00

    Vad: workshop

    Var: Room MA 796, CBEES, Södertörn University, Campus Flemingsberg

    Arrangeras av: The Institute of Contemporary History at the School of Historical and Contemporary Studies and the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), Södertörn University.

    Evenemangsspråk: engelska