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    On Being Missing: Legacy, Heritage, Value, Historical Justice

    Filling In The Gaps: Lacunae, Reintegration and Reconciliation

    What does it mean, ”to be missing”, or ”to go missing”? What kind of category is that, what are its figures an symbols, and how does it relate to our sense of historical continuity?

    A practical case of missing and an illustration of its effects is a lacuna in a mutilated work of art.  The Latin lacuna means ’a hole, a pit’; figuratively, it means ’a gap, void, want, loss’. It breaks the artwork’s inner rhythm and integrity by creating an uncontrollable interruption in the image. In a painted canvas, lacuna becomes a presence more powerful than the image itself, and to the contemplating eye it appears as if it were an independent body; lacunae dominate over the painting and transform the picture into a mere background against which the loss of paint becomes so dramatically and conspicuously evident, a negation of all presence shining forth from the void. It is the work of the conservator to curb the energy of this negativity in restoration. The conservator compensates (for instance, by retouching) for the loss and fills in the emptiness left after the paint flaked off in order to thereby reintegrate the gaping presence of the lacuna into the rest of the canvas.

    Welcome to the symposium that consists of two series of lectures, presentations, and discussions, to be held on two separate dates, each focused on one important aspect of the phenomenon of ”missing” and seeking to produce a critique of the language of inheritance, its ideology, politics, and practice.

    Tid och plats

    När: torsdag 7 juni kl. 10:00-17:00

    Vad: symposium

    Var: MB505, Aua-building, Södertörn University, Flemingsberg

    Arrangeras av: Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES)

    Evenemangsspråk: engelska