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    Gamifying the news: An interplay of institutional logics

    Avdelningen för journalistik välkomnar Raul Ferrer Conill från Karlstad universitet för att tala om sitt avhandlingsprojekt om s k gamification of news, dvs hur tekniker för storytelling i spelbranschen spiller över i nyhetsproduktion.

    Gamifying the news: An interplay of institutional logics

    For over a century games and playful elements in the shape of crosswords, puzzles and quizzes, have been present in newspapers all over the world (Foxman 2015). The transition towards digital journalism has only increased the growing trend of combining news and games storytelling techniques to inform the public,  sometimes blurring the traditional boundaries between news and games.

    The importance of trying to understand this development stems from the different roles that digital games and news have in contemporary Western societies. Whil journalism is often regarded as the main source of  information for the public to act as citizens (Costera Meijer 2001), digital games predominantly remain considered as entertaining media (Vorderer et al. 2004). But are they? The multifaceted nature of journalism and the many types of games provide a room for interaction in which both worlds can coexist in meaningful ways. And yet, the process in which games and playful thinking have been incorporated to digital journalism taking advantage of new technological advances remains largely under researched. Gamification, widely defined as the use of game thinking and game design techniques in non-gaming contexts has been widely implemented in digital services as an attempt to attract and increase user engagement. This type of persuasive technology focuses on tracking, quantifying, and individualizing behavior, placing the user at the center of the experience by providing tools for self-reflection, and exploiting the motivational aspects of games to drive

    In this talk I present a study addressing four ways in which news organizations have incorporated gamification in their news organizations. Through an assessment of the game-system deployed and 56 interviews with  journalists from The Guardian, Bleacher/Report, Times of India, and Al Jazeera, I discuss how the institutional logics of journalism and gamification convergence in four different types of gamified journalism.


    Raul Ferrer Conill is a doctoral candidate in the department of Media and Communication Studies at Karlstad University. He has published his work in Journalism Studies, Television and New Media, and Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), among others. His current research interests cover digital journalism, gamification, native advertising, convergence, and processes of datafication. His dissertation examines the uses of gamification in digital news outlets.


    Tid och plats

    När: onsdag 14 mars kl. 14:00-16:00

    Vad: högre seminarium

    Var: MD515

    Arrangeras av: Avdelningen för journalistik

    Evenemangsspråk: engelska