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    Vibodh Parthasarathi: The Market Idea and/in the Indian Media Economy

    Higher seminar with Vibodh Parthasarathi from Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Dheli, arranged by Media and Communication Studies at the School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University

    Visitors to India tend to get immediately struck by the explosion and omnipresence of the media there. Scholarship has ascribed this to deregulation and liberalisation in wider Indian economy the early 1990s. The standard narrative explains the media boom in India to be the result of the transition to a market economy.

    While the word ‘market’ has become highly conspicuous in media scholarship on India over the last 25 years, rather paradoxically, such usage has been severely under-theorised. My presentation reflects on the methodological and even ontological pathways to grasp the ‘market idea’ in the context of media markets in India.

    In the first part I scrutinise approaches to the idea of ‘the market’ in media economics. I evaluate conventional, neo-classical and unorthodox, especially institutional, variants of understanding markets in the context of media dynamics in India. The second part of my talk proposes a fresh conceptualisation of ‘markets’--- peculiar to the study of the media. The bedrock of my configuration lies in the idea of the “media economy”--- a concept proposed with my longstanding collaborator, Adrian Athique at University of Queensland. The idea of the media economy is introduced and illustrated in a two-book volume edited work by us. It captures the varied commercial and social transactions entailing the media as a constellation of markets.

    I propose three levels of analysis constituting what is commonly called “media markets”: the macrological level (as a market of markets), the mesological level (a grouping of market spaces), and the micrological level (the marketplace for goods and services). This offers a fresh ontology of markets in media studies. Through this I want to catalyse discussions at two inter-related levels. I want to lay out the role of the media in spawning a system of markets around it. At a wider level, I want to instigate a reflection on disciplinarity: a plea to make sociological studies of the media more ‘economistic’, and find ways to ensure conventional “business studies” becomes more ‘culturally’ informed. Through this double emphasis I seek to engage with the problematic of subject-definition in media studies on India.

    Tid och plats

    När: tisdag 24 april kl. 13:00-14:30

    Vad: högre seminarium

    Var: PC 249

    Arrangeras av: MKV

    Evenemangsspråk: engelska