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    Rebuilding the Jewish Labour Bund in a new world after the Holocaust: Research conference. Södertörn University, Stockholm, August 24-25, 2017

    The once so powerful socialist and non-zionist Jewish workers party in Poland and the Russian empire, tried to rebuild the movement after the Second World War and the Holocaust. Recreating personal lives and politics the bundists met with a new world in Poland and the diaspora.

    I have the pleasure to invite researchers in Bundism.net to a working conference in Stockholm, Sweden on the Jewish Labour Bund’s efforts to rebuild the movement after the Second World War.Issues on the agenda:

    - How did the Bundists locally orient themselves in the new world after the war and the Holocaust when it came to political and ideological issues (as the Cold War and the birth of Israel)?

    - Which were their specific migrant experiences of meeting and trying to integrate in new societies and national/local labour movements - with or without Jews?

    - What happened to their visions and engagement when the remnants of their once so powerful movement had to meet the realities of exile, rebuilding personal lives and their political organization in very different societal, cultural and political environments?

    - Here too, the specifics of the Bundist movement – in Poland and in the Bundist diaspora – when it comes to party culture and norms will be discussed.

    A core of researchers at the conference will be financed by CBEES – Centre for Baltic and East European Studies – at the Södertörn University.

    Among these participants are:

    Professor Jack Jacobs, John Jay College and the Graduate Center City University of New York: Changes in the Bundist approach to Israel and Palestine before and after the creation of the State of Israel.

    PhD in History Constance Paris de Bollardiere, Postdoctoral Fellow at the George and Irina Schaeffer Center for the Study of Genocide, Human Rights and Conflict Prevention, American University of Paris: A Small International in Paris. The connections between Bundists, Socialists in Exile, the SFIO and Force Ouvrière in the early Cold War Period (1945-1948).

    PhD Martyna Rusiniak-Karwat, Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences: The emigration of Bundists from Poland after World War II.

    Dr David Slucki, Assistant professor College of Charleston, Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program, author of: The International Jewish Labor Bund After 1945 : Towards a Global History.

    Dr Frank Wolff Assistant Professor at the Modern History/Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies, Osnabrück University, Germany: The Bunds Long Transnational History from 1897 to 1947.

    Call for papers

    Researchers on the Bund are welcome to contribute with papers on the above and related issues. Because of limited time and space the organizers will select the most relevant contributions for participation.

    Abstracts (maximum 300 words) should be submitted at the latest May 2 to: bundconference@sh.se
    Date of acceptance: June 9

    The conference will be sponsored by the CBEES – Centre for Baltic and East European Studies –at Södertörn University in the southern part of Stockholm:

    My own research project, “Bund in Sweden 1946-1954. A Jewish Labour Movement at the Crossroads”, is focusing on the above-mentioned issues:

    The Bund has been almost unknown in post war Sweden and in Swedish labour historiography there has been no mention nor knowledge on the existence of Bund-groups in the country during those years. The archive of the Bund experience in Sweden was located to the YIVO in New York:
    https://yivo.org/the-bund-in-sweden-forgotten-history-rediscovered-in-yivo-archivesHopefully this conference will add to the research on the local Bundist experiences in exile as well as overarching themes.

    Dr Håkan Blomqvist (associate prof)
    Institute of Contemporary HistorySödertörn University
    Huddinge, StockholmSweden

    Tid och plats

    När: torsdag 24 augusti kl. 09:00 - fredag 25 augusti kl. 16:00

    Vad: konferens

    Var: MA796, 7th floor, CBEES, Moas båge

    Arrangeras av: CBEES, Södertörn university in cooperation with the Institute of Contemporary History