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    Think tanks: a new organizational actor in a changing Swedish civil society

    Higher seminar in Political Science with Marta Reuter (Stockholm University). In cooperation with the Centre for the Study of Political Organization (CPO). Discussants: Johan Eriksson and Adrienne Sörbom

    Marta Reuter (Stockholm University) presents a paper (coauthored with Pelle Åberg, ESB University College) and Stefan Einarsson, SSE) with the title "Think tanks: a new organizational actor in a changing Swedish civil society".


    Policy institutes, or “think tanks”, are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our societies. Few if any studies have, however, analysed think tanks explicitly as a civil society phenomenon, or linked the proliferation of this relatively new type of actor to the transformation of civil society structures and functions. This article begins to address this gap by focusing on the evolving field of Swedish think tanks.

    Our study, based on qualitative interviews with 25 Swedish think tank directors, situates the emergence of think tanks as policy actors in Sweden against a wider backdrop of institutional transformations as seen through the eyes of the respondents. The interviewed think tank executives perceive the traditional corporatist channels for institutionalized civil society access to policy-making as decreasing in importance. The reduced influence of the classical Swedish popular movements is interpreted by the respondents as having created a space for their own organizations in civil society and in the Swedish policy-making arena.

    The seminar is followed by fika. Welcome!

    Time and place

    When: 20/02/19 at 13:00-14:30

    What: Higher seminar

    Where: Room ME 610, on floor six in the E-wing, main building, Södertörn University, Campus Flemingsberg

    Organiser: Political Science and the Centre for the Study of Political Organisation (CPO) at the School of Social Sciences, Södertörn University

    Event language: English