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  • 2017-06-13

    A philosophical night at Moderna Museet

    On Saturday 17 June, Moderna Museet is hosting a Night of Philosophy. More than 50 Swedish, French and German philosophers, thinkers and artists will fill the museum with conversation and presentations. Fifteen of the participants are from Södertörn University.

    Are we all turning into cyborgs? Are we animal, human or machine? How do we relate ethically to other living beings? These are just a few of the issues that will be discussed during the night at Moderna Museet. The theme of the night is "nature and the artificial". All the items on the programme will be in English and entry is free.Moderna Museet

    Nights of Philosophy have been held around the world, in places such as Paris, London, Casablanca, New York, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Prague. This is the first time a Night of Philosophy will be held in Sweden. 

    The night begins at 19.00 and continues until 03.00. After midnight the event moves from the exhibition areas of the museum and there will be a party in Moderna Museet’s restaurant and bar, with dance, music and performance. 

    A Night of Philosophy is a cooperation between Moderna Museet, Södertörn University, École normale supérieure in Paris, Institut français and Goethe-Institut Schweden, supported by Air France. 

    Read more and see the programme on Moderna Museet’s website.