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  • 2017-10-19

    An inspirational visit from Prince Daniel’s Fellowship

    You would imagine that when a member of the royal family and three top business leaders take the stage, the mood could be a little formal and reserved. But no – there was applause, spontaneous cheers and laughter, and lots of questions from the audience.

    Panelsamtal Prins Daniels fellowshipUnder the guidance of wonderful moderator Leo Razzak, Cristina Stenbeck (Kinnevik), Anna Omstedt Lindgren (MedUniverse) and Saeid Esmaeilzadeh (Serendipity Innovations) talked about their experiences and the journeys that have taken them where they are today. Three completely different stories and people, but what they have in common is a passion for entrepreneurship and ideas.

    “Focus less on the idea and more on its execution,” was something that all four panellists agreed on. Many people have ideas, but the entrepreneurs that succeed are those who really work hard and see their idea through, which is also where the challenge is.

    Questions from the audience included:Rundabordsamtal med Cristina Stenbeck

    “I arrived from Syria two years ago and it's difficult for me to get anywhere – what should I do?”

    “How can I afford to start a business as a student, when I can hardly afford my course books?”

    “I have a great idea – but where do I go to make it happen?”

    To the first question, Saeid responded that it’s important to learn the social codes, and everyone on the stage also stressed how important it now is

    Prins Daniel for companies to employ people with a range of backgrounds. “Ring Kinnevik!” said Cristina spontaneously.

    As regards not having major start-up capital, Prince Daniel’s tip was to start small; sell something on a small scale and then gradually expand. Anna Omstedt Lindgren said that even if you have limited funds when studying, you often have more time than later in life – so your student years are still a good time to start a company. And if you have a good idea you want to do something with, the panel suggested incubators, using placements a means of getting into companies, Drivhuset and Södertörn University’s SH innovation.

    When the discussions in the auditorium were over, the conversations continued in smaller groups where the three entrepreneurs talked with around ten students each; students who had started or were on the way to starting companies.

    “Fun and inspiring,” said Jessica Karlén, who participated in a round table discussion with Cristina Stenbeck