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  • 2018-05-29

    Ladok closed 13–25 June

    The Ladok student registry will be closed to both students and staff at Södertörn University, 13–25 June. This is because the university will be installing a new version of Ladok.

    This means that neither students nor staff will be able to enter or access any information from Ladok. In practice, this means that during this period it will not be possible to:

    • see results
    • print out Ladok transcripts or access Ladok transcripts
    • report results in Ladok
    • register students on courses
    • digitally apply for your degree certificate

    Instead, applications for degree certificates must be made using paper forms between 8 June and 4 July. You can download and print out application forms from our website (application form in English about halfway down the page).