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  • 2017-10-23

    New book about gender politics and its institutions

    Over the past week, #metoo has exploded on social media. The hashtag was created to increase awareness of sexual harassment and assault, and many people are trying to find political solutions. Gender Equality on a Grand Tour is a recent release that deals with the politics of gender equality and its dissemination.

    Bokomslag How do ideas and institutions in gender equality spread, and who are the principal players in this tour? How did equality become institutionalised? How did national and local contexts influence institutional designs and guidelines? What role did the divisive Cold War have in this institutionalisation? Which changes were experienced by gender equality institutions in association with neoliberal economic restructuring and Europeanisation? The new book, Gender Equality on a Grand Tour, is an attempt to answer all these questions.

    The authors of Gender Equality on a Grand Tour are Eva Blomberg, Professor of History, Södertörn University, Yulia Gradskova, Senior Lecturer in History, Södertörn University, Ylva Waldemarson, Professor of History, Södertörn University, and Alina Žvinklienė, Principal Researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Lithuanian Social Research Centre. 

    The book deals with how gender equality politics and equal opportunities ombudsmen have become something that must be spread to other countries, particularly to the Baltic States and northwest Russia post-1991.

    “We investigate how players such as the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers act and how they formulate visions of what is termed Swedish and Nordic gender equality. We also cover how Lithuania and northwest Russia have struggled to adopt or oppose this politics and its visions,” say the authors.

    The book also analyses the way in which equal opportunities ombudsmen work for human rights and against discrimination. It also takes up sexual harassment in the workplace and how the Swedish equal opportunities ombudsman has dealt with it.