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  • 2017-11-06

    Södertörn University receives additional degree-awarding powers at doctoral level

    The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) has decided to give Södertörn University degree-awarding powers for licentiate and doctoral degrees in the area of Educational Sciences.

    Since 2010, Södertörn University has had four research areas for doctoral studies: Historical Studies, Critical and Cultural Theory, Environmental Studies and Politics, Economy and the Organisation of Society. On 29 December, the university applied for degree-awarding powers in another area, Educational Sciences. UKÄ has now conducted a review; on 25 October, they decided to allow Södertörn University to award licentiate and doctoral degrees in the area of Educational Sciences..

    Kerstin Cassel, prorektor på Södertörns högskola“This decision is very important to Södertörn University. We are receiving more and more degree-awarding powers, which is of course wonderful. This one is great for Teacher Education because the new area of Educational Sciences provides it with excellent links to research, which is also the reason why we applied for degree-awarding powers,” says Kerstin Cassel, Deputy Head of School and responsible for third-cycle education.

    The application was submitted with the third-cycle subjects of Education and Swedish as a basis, but this does not mean that the area will only consist of these subjects in the future.

    “There are more subjects that can be included in this research area, as we have other subjects at the university producing theses with a profile within the educational sciences. So there really is a great need for this area and it is a great success for us to be given these degree-awarding powers,” says Kerstin. 

    If everything goes to plan, the first doctoral students in the area will be admitted on 1 September 2018, along with doctoral students in the other research areas. However, there is a great deal of preparation to be done; the next step is to formally create the new area and an academic steering group..

    Do you want to know more about the new research area for doctoral studies – Educational Sciences?

    The subjects of Swedish and Education are organising a higher seminar on the new research area for doctoral studies on 8 November, 14.00–16.00 (information in Swedish).

    The decision can be read in its entirety on UKÄ’s website (also in Swedish).