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  • 2017-11-13

    Sten Heckscher to receive an honorary doctorate from Södertörn University

    The Faculty Board of Södertörn University has decided to award 2018’s honorary doctorate to Sten Heckscher. Sten Heckscher has been involved with and worked for the university’s development in numerous ways, including founding the Academy of Public Administration.

    Sten Heckscher has a solid and extensive background as a lawyer and official in Swedish public administration, including positions as a state secretary in the Ministry of Justice, as Minister for Enterprise, Director-General of the Swedish Patent and Registration Office, National Police Commissioner, President of the Administrative Court of Appeal och Chair of the Supreme Administrative Court. Alongside these positions, he has been regularly commissioned as a member of state review bodies. Sten Heckscher

    The motivation for nominating Heckscher as the recipient of 2018’s honorary doctorate from Södertörn University, is that he has been involved with and worked for the university’s development in many different ways. As the founder of the Academy of Public Administration and chair of its steering group, Heckscher has made clear contribution to building up and developing an organisation that has quickly become a strong organisation with contract education, research and third stream activities. He was an advisor and worked with the university on its application to have Police Education located at Södertörn University. Heckscher has also been an adviser on legal issues and participated in contract education and undergraduate education at the university. 

    “Sten Heckscher actively uses and disseminates research in practical contexts, while also acting as a bridge-builder and creating contacts between academia and practice,” says Peter Dobers, Chair of the Faculty Board at Södertörn University. “With his experience, expertise and extensive contact network in Swedish public administration, Heckscher has been invaluable in the development of important areas of the university’s activities.” 

    “I am both delighted and honoured by this recognition,” says Sten Heckscher. “I am delighted because it is recognition of something I have done that I felt was important, and which I put a lot of work into, and honoured because it marks the importance of the Academy of Public Administration and that I had the right idea.” 

    The formal awarding of the honorary doctorate will take place on 9 February 2018.