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  • 2017-10-30

    The University College of Music Education moves into Campus Flemingsberg

    Our new neighbours have arrived! The University College of Music Education in Stockholm (SMI) moved into its new premises on Campus Flemingsberg at the end of last week.

    SMI is a higher education institution that educates instrumental and song teachers, as well as voice and speech pedagogues. Their premises have therefore been converted to house an orchestral hall, several large ensemble halls and music rooms. SMI currently has around 60 students studying for degrees.

    SMI moved into its new premises in the Primus building over the summer, and their official opening was celebrated on Thursday. Vice-chancellor Ian Plaude and chair of the board for SMI, Cecilia Hultberg, gave speeches. The vice-chancellor said that SMI has found its home in the new premises on the “campus for civil society”.

    Södertörn University is delighted to welcome SMI to Campus Flemingsberg!

    Entrén till SMI   Bubbel vid invigningen av SMI   

       Musikuppträdande vid SMI invigningen