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  • 2017-11-29

    Learn how to write references

    Are you struggling to get the references in your essay right? Useful guides and introductions can be found on the library website. You can also come to a tutorial on reference writing.

    Knowing how to cite and refer correctly is an important part of academic writing. Many students, however, find it hard handling references. Therefore, prior to the autumn semester, the library brought forward a Swedish introduction to the Oxford referencing system, along with the Study Support Unit. This means that there are now introductions available in Swedish for all three major systems used at both Södertörn University and at The Red Cross University College. In addition to the Oxford system, Swedish introductions also include the Harvard system and the APA system. Extensive guides from other universities can be found in English.

    All introductions can be found on the library page Referencing guides.

    Are you wondering which system to use? It depends on your course/program. Ask your teacher if you are unsure.

    Need more help writing references? Both the library search and the Study Support Unit can provide support, if you are a student at SH or RKH. Welcome to drop by or make an appointment.

    Book a tutorial or read more about the library's tutorials on information searches.
    Book a tutorial or read more about the Study Support Unit.