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  • 2017-12-05

    Student using talking books? Check your spring literature lists.

    The literature lists for the spring semester must be completed by now. Time to check and order new talking books through the library if anything is missing in Legimus.

    If you are a student at SH or RKH using talking books - make sure to check as soon as possible that your compulsory course books are available as talking books.

    Many compulsory books are probably already available in the national online library Legimus, but it is important to check now, since the production of a new title may take up to eight weeks. Email the Accessible Media service staff at the library at in case you lack any mandatory title. You can search in the library's search tool SöderScholar (look out for the Legimus logotype) or directly in the national online library Legimus.

    Are you a student at SH or RKH in need of talking books but yet without access to Legimus? Please contact the Accessible Media service staff at the library and we will provide you with credentials and help you get started downloading. As a student with a reading impairment you are entitled to having your required textbooks produced as talking books.

    Link to the library page Accessible Media service.
    Link to Legimus.