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Nordic Nineties: Cultural Reorientation and Identity Formation in the Nordic Region During the Transformative 1990s

By focusing on how the post-Cold War geopolitical and economic upheavals in Norden were interpreted, expressed and then translated into contemporary national promotion abroad, we hope to gain insight into the broader issue of Nordic cultural reorientation and identity formation in the 1990s.

Workshop organised by Ada Elisabeth Nissen (Oslo), Andreas Mørkved Hellenes (Aarhus) and Carl Marklund (Södertörn), funded by ReNEW.

24-25 October 2019.

This workshop concentrates on exploring Norway and Sweden’s responses to the post-Cold War geopolitical and economic upheavals, and their re-positioning in the globalizing international arena. Both countries experienced long-lasting debates on their relationships to Europe and positions in the wider world, reflecting a strategic shift in the position of advanced small states under rapidly shifting globalization.

From today’s vantage point of looming “de-globalization”, we argue that it is timely to begin historicizing the grand narrative of “globalization” that in 1990s swiftly came to dominate academic debates, global politics and national policies.

Our interest lies particularly in what impact this omniscient narrative had on concrete relationships between state actors and businesses, and how it was used to reimagine – and reforge – national identities. If indeed, as Philip Cerny has argued, the globalizing processes at the end of the 20th century transformed the underlying rationality of states, from raison d’État to raison du Monde, then there is a need for empirical studies of how this process was articulated and used by individuals and groups experiencing it. In brief, the aim is to an improved understanding of the link between Norway and Sweden’s re-positionings in the globalizing international arena post-1990, and their simultaneous search for and renegotiation of national identities.

By invitation only.


Ada Nissen,
Carl Marklund,
Andreas Mørkved Hellenes,

Time and place

24 October 10:00 - 25 October 17:30


Room PA 238, on the second floor in the A-wing, Primus-building, Södertörn University, Campus Flemingsberg, find us


Arranged by

The Institute of Contemporary History (SHI) & Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World (ReNEW), Södertörn University



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