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Conference 12-14 September 2022: Jewish-Christian Contacts, Past and Present. Sweden and Germany Compared

This conference aims to explore commonalities and differences in patterns of Jewish-Christian contacts in Germany and Sweden. It also focuses on changes over time with a special emphasis on the period from the 1870s to the present. Although the conference as a whole has a comparative theme, we also welcome papers and sessions that deal with either Germany or Sweden specifically.

Key note speakers:

Prof. em. Julius H. Schoeps, University of Potsdam/Moses Mendelssohn Stiftung, Berlin

Dr. Carl Henrik Carlsson, Uppsala University

Prof. Cordelia Heβ, University of Greifswald

Prof. Christhard Hoffman, University of Bergen

Although Germany and Sweden are at the centre of the conference, presentations may expand the theme to also include other German-speaking areas of Europe as well as the other Nordic countries.

Participants can submit abstracts for individual papers (20 minutes) or for whole sessions consisting of three papers. Abstracts for individual papers should be no more than 250 words, for sessions no more than 750 words. Please submit your abstract using one of the links below.

Themes covered in the conference will for instance be:

  • Coexistence and confrontation between Jews and Christians
  • Jewish-Christian dialogue
  • Jewish migration and subsequent Jewish-Christian contacts
  • Family and individual biographies
  • Jewish-Christian networks and contacts in business
  • German-Swedish cultural transfer
  • Antisemitism in Germany and Sweden
  • Conversions
  • Academic contacts in the emerging fields of Wissenschaft des Judentums and Religionswissenschaft, as well as in other academic fields
  • Feminist theology
  • Churches and their relations to the State of Israel
  • Contacts between Jews and Christian minorities
  • Judaism and Esotericism
  • Music as a field of Jewish-Christian contacts

The organising committee also welcome presentations and sessions on other topics related to the overall theme.

A conference volume is planned, but the organisers also welcome plans for publishing the presentations from certain sessions as special issues of suitable scholarly journals.

The conference is free of charge but travel and lodging costs must be covered by the participants themselves.


Deadline for abstracts: February 28th, 2022 External link.
Deadline for registration for the conference August 1st, 2022. External link.

Further information:

Lena Roos, professor of the Study of Religions, Södertörn University

Moses Mendelssohn Zentrum, University of Potsdam
Forum for Jewish Studies, Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University
Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden
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Time and place

12 September 2022, 10:00 - 14 September 2022, 14:00


Södertörn University, find us


Arranged by

The Study of Religions at the School of Historical and Contemporary Studies, Södertörn University



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