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Sino-Indo-Hellenica 2022

A virtual conference, jointly arranged by Mid Sweden University and Södertörn University on May 24th–25th, 2022, exploring the development of political thought and philosophy in the ancient world from a global point of view.

Call for papers open for submission!

The aim of the conference is to bring together an international group of scholars working in the fields of Sino-Hellenic, Indo-Hellenic and/or Sino-Indian Studies. Presentations on a wide range of subjects relating to the origins and early development of political thought, theory and philosophy are welcome.

The papers should be exploring their subjects from a cross-culturally comparative perspective, for instance by accounting for how the diffusion of ideas between different cultural spheres influenced the earliest forms of political thought developed in China, India and Greece respectively, or how similar social developments could result in the originating of parallel ideas, despite a lack of transfusion.

We warmly encourage all scholars who are interested in the topic of the conference to apply. Please submit abstracts of no more than 400 words by March 31th, 2022, to Otto Linderborg ( or to Charlotta Weigelt (

The speakers will be given the opportunity to publish revised versions of their papers, either in a special issue of the journal Old World: Journal of Ancient Africa and Eurasia, or as part of a book in the series “Ancient Languages and Civilizations”, published by Brill.

Time and place

24 May 2022, 00:00 - 25 May 2022, 00:00


Online, find us


Arranged by

Mid Sweden University and Södertörn University



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