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Lecture - Insights into Turkey's Academic Landscape: Possibilities, Opportunities and Challenges

This presentation will shed light on the academic situation in Turkey, encompassing historical and current conditions, facilities, and restrictions, as well as opportunities and limitations. It aims to provide a comprehensive perspective from all components of the Academy.

Emek Cayli Rahte is an associate professor in the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema at Hacettepe University Faculty of Communication. She is a visiting researcher at Södertön University, Department of Media and Communication Studies. She is the editor and cofounder of the international peer-reviewed cultural studies journal: Moment Journal. She is the co-writer of the book Freedom of Expression in Turkey: 2001-2011. Her recent project title is "Cultural Hybridity, Global Imagination, and Transnational Encounters: Audience Reception of Turkish TV Dramas in Sweden". Her research interests are media ethnography, migrant media, feminist theory and critical cultural studies.

This event is organized by Södertörn University's council for internationalization.
Please register by 2nd June if you would like to attend. Registered attendees will get a sandwich.
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Time and place

08 June 2023, 12:15-13:00

Open lecture

MA648, find us


Arranged by

Internationaliseringsrådet och internationella enheten


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