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The outsiders are inside – designers and design practices in newsrooms

Advanced Seminar in Media Technology with Francesca Morini, data visualization designer, research associate at Urban Futures Institute of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and Ph.D. candidate at Södertörn University.

This presentation addresses the role of designers as newcomers to newsrooms and the way in which they cooperate with journalists and integrate design-driven methodologies in the journalistic practice. Newsrooms all over the world have tapped into the potential of quantitative data as a source for journalistic stories. This tendency is not exclusively visible in the way journalists source information, but it has an impact on professional and material aspects of the journalistic practice. New professional figures are entering the newsrooms and their work concurs in shaping new formats of data-driven journalism. Therefore it is interesting to understand how data journalism is developing as a social practice, but also to untangle the wide variety of settings combining data, technologies, and journalistic reporting, when journalism work and design work are combined.

Francesca Morini is a designer and Ph.D. candidate in Media and Communication Studies at the School of Culture and Education at Södertörn University, and also a research associate at the Urban Futures Institute of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. She has worked as a designer in the newsroom of the cooperatively owned German newspaper taz (die Tageszeitung). She also has several years of work experience from being a freelance information designer working with public institutions, research institutions and museums in Germany and Italy.

Seminars will normally be held on-site. If marked as hybrid, contact if you wish to participate online.

Time and place

27 September 2023, 13:00-15:00

Higher seminar

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