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Conference, Swedish Association for American Studies (SAAS)

A meeting place for everyone interested in North American Studies, one month before the dramatic elections in the USA – with a keynote lecture by Harvard intellectual historian James T. Kloppenberg, also joined in panel discussion by Cecilia Khavar, Göran Rosenberg, Dag Blanck, and Christin Mays.

Dramatic times in North America. A month before one of the strangest and most fateful presidential elections in the history of the USA, there will be an opportunity to look across the Atlantic from the perspectives of Swedish academics with special insights and interests in aspects of the cultural, social, and political world that will be so much in focus this fall. In a public part of the event, Harvard historian James T. Kloppenberg will hold the keynote lecture, followed by a panel discussion, putting the current situation in a wider perspective.

The Swedish Association for American Studies holds its 12th biannual conference at Södertörn University,, a full day October 3 and a half day (morning to early afternoon) October 4. SAAS is an academic network that encourages scholarship in the multidisciplinary field of American Studies. SAAS seeks to develop a critical understanding of the role, position and meaning of the United States and North America. In Sweden, research about the US/North America is conducted in many different disciplines. The biennial SAAS conference thus functions as an important forum for interdisciplinary exchange and provides American Studies scholars with an opportunity to meet and network.

Time and place

03 October 2024, 08:00 - 04 October 2024, 13:00


MB505, find us


Arranged by

Swedish Association for American Studies (SAAS) and Södertörn University



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