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Theodoros Rapanos

Theodoros Rapanos

Visiting Research Fellow

Main fields: Economics of Networks, Economics of Information | Secondary fields: Game Theory, Financial Economics

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Social Sciences

Theodoros Rapanos is a Jan Wallander Postdoctoral Researcher in Economics in the School of Social Sciences at Södertörn University.

His academic interests lie within the fields of Microeconomics, and in particular Economics of Networks, Game Theory, and Finance. His academic research focuses on the effects of incomplete or asymmetric information on individual decisions, and the ensuing economic outcomes, especially in interlinked societies.

Theodoros received his Ph.D. in Economics from Stockholm University in 2016. He holds a BA in Economics and an MSc in Economics (Theory) from the Athens University of Economics and Business, as well as an MSc in Economics (Econometrics) from University College London. Prior to joining Södertörn, he worked as a teaching assistant in Stockholm University, and as an economic analyst in the banking sector.

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