Alexander Stagnell

Alexander Stagnell


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research interests: rhetoric's role in the political; ideological functions of concepts like diplomacy, communism, and sophistics; the thought of Barbara Cassin and Slavoj Žižek.

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Culture and Education


PhD in Rhetoric and former doctoral fellow at BEEGS. In 2019 I defended my dissertation, entitled The Ambassador's Letter: On the Less Than Nothing of Diplomacy, at Uppsala University. A reworked version of my dissertation was published by Routledge in the summer of 2020 under the title Diplomacy and Ideology: From the French Revolution to the Digital Age.

My research focuses on (i) questions concerning the role of rhetoric in the political and how the rhetorical tradition might help us understand what appears to be contemporary problems such as populism and post-truth, (ii) the ideological functioning of political concepts such as diplomacy and war, and (iii) the thought of Barbara Cassin and Slavoj Žižek respectively.

Presently, my work will be focused on my postdoc project entitled Post-Communist Communism in Eastern Europe: A Rhetorical History of The Ljubljana School of Psychoanalysis, financed by The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies. I am also, together with David Payne and Gustav Strandberg, editing an anthology on populism and the people which will be published by Bloomsbury Continuum in 2021.

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Democracy, Post-Truth, and Rhetoric in the Populist Moment

The Return of the Sophists?

A Rhetorical History of The Ljubljana School of Psychoanalysis

Post-Communist Communism in Eastern Europe