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Anders Steene

Anders Steene

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

Research in Transport and tourism

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies

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Appointed as Associate Professor/Biträdande professor/ Strömstad akademi, Nordiskt institut för avancerade studier. (6th of February 2010)

Appointed as Docent/Reader/Research Fellow/Associate Professor in Tourism Studies at Södertörn University. 2006.

Ph.D in Sociology/Tourism, Pacific Western University, New Orleans, Louisiana.1992. New owner 2004 and changed name March 2007 to California Miramar University.

Ph.L. in Sociology, University of Lund. 1991.

Undergraduate degree (B.S.Sc) Stockholm University. 1975.

Research interests

Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change

Leisure, Recreation and Tourism: Planning, Development, Service Quality, Destination Management, Risk Analysis, Forecasting and Human Behaviour within above areas

Urban Tourism and Travel

Forecasting Methods

Risk Management within Service and Hospitality Industries in a Sustainable Society

Teaching & research

Biträdande professor/ Associate professor/ Strömstad akademi, Nordiskt institut för avancerade studier.

Docent/Reader in Tourism Studies, 2006, Södertörn University.

Head, Educational Department at National Institute for Working Life, 2001-2007.

Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Tourism Management 2004-2006 (part time).

Lecturer in Sociology and Tourism 1977-2004.

Current research

Cruise ships´ impact on economy and environment in the Baltic.


Swedes on Holiday: Social aspects of Vacation Travel. Ph. D dissertation 1992. Pacific Western University. New owner 2004 and changed name March 2007 to California Miramar University.

Homo Turisticus. Licentiate dissertation, Lund University. ISSN 1103-2537, 91:03, 1991.


Publicly Available (Scholarly and Other Papers) and Privately Available Papers on SSRN as of 15 December 2018 have:



Future Visions of the Tourism Products - updated version. Paper presented at the 23rd Nordic Symposium for Tourism and Hospitality Research. Copenhagen Business school 2nd-4th of October 2014. (Peer reviewed).

The post-modern tourist – the bad guy of climate change. The International Tourism Research Conference in Sustainable Tourism Development. Stockholm 25-27 November 2009. ISBN 978-91-633-7182-0. (Peer reviewed).

Considerations About Quality and Safety Assessment Methods in Hospitality and Tourism. 4th Internat. Scientific Conference, Rhodes islands, Greece 3-5 April 2009. University of Aegean. (Peer reviewed).

Risk, safety, security and quality in tourism "1st International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Management"13th to 15th of June 2008 Athens, Greece. (Peer reviewed).

Considerations About Quality and Safety Assessment Methods in Hospitality and Tourism. 2nd Conference in Sustainable Tourism Development November 26th – 28th 2008 Södertörn University, Stockholm (Blind reviewed)

Future Visions of the Tourism Products. The conference "Dialogue of Public and Private Representatives about Partnership in Tourism." 2nd-4th of May 2007 at University of Economics, Bratislava. (Blind reviewed)

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Editor of the report from "The 2nd Nordic Research Conference in Tourism, 14-16 Oct." 1994.

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Editor of the report from the 1st Scandinavian Research Symposium on Tourism. Åland, Finland,14th-16th Oct. ISSN 1103-2537, 92:02, 1992.

Tourisms social effects on a travel destination. Paper presented at a research conference, May 1991, Leuwarden, Holland, ISSN 1103-2537, 91:04. (Peer reviewed).

Books/Book chapters/Series articles

From Global to Intra-Regional Tourism. UTMS Journal of Economics. Vol. 7, No2, Autumn 2016. issn 1857-6974.

Turism - Om att sälja drömmar. Publisher Studentlitteratur, Lund. Published January 2013.

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In International Sustainable Tourism. 2011. Publisher University of Economics, Bratislava, Ed. L Novacka. (Peer reviewed).

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Journal articles

Urban Tourism from a Swedish Perspective. Case Stockholm. In ACTA ACADEMIAE STROMSTADIENSIS, A scientific electronic journal. (Peer reviewed). 2014-04-26. ISBN 978-91-86607-27-2.

Tourism education in Sweden: Past, Present and Future. In Journal of Applied Economics and Business Research. Burnaby, Canada (ISSN 1927-033X). (Peer reviewed) Published JAEBR 2(3) 147-154 (2012)

The Impact of Carbon Discharge Legislation on Future Development of Maritime Tourism and Cruising.

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Urban Tourism and Business Travel. Research report to the Swedish Tourist Authority. Stockholm, 2001/02.

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A study of collaboration forms and relations, part 1

The local populations attitude towards tourism, part 2

A discussion of limitations and summary, part 3

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Popular science

Turism som vetenskap. I "Stockholm Turismstaden". Samfundet S:t Eriks årsbok 2008.

Experience Tourism. A few introducing chapters to a book, 1995.

Turism i medvind ger jobb. I Rostad tidskrift för Högskolan i Kalmar, nr 3 – 82/83

Varför turism och rekreation? I Rostad tidskrift för Högskolan i Kalmar, ht 80.

Comprehensive development of tourism subject

2010/2011 I developed the Masters course in Tourism, City Tourism, the SH.

Was hired as acting senior lecturer, from tourism Prog. University of Kalmar, 2000/2001 to teach and develop the tourism subject at SH from 20 points to 60 points. Hired by the program director Bengt Windelhed.

Conducted, 1985/86, together with F / B and Östersund colleges lobbying towards UHÄ to get the tourism programs recognized as 3-year general education program as well as the tourism subject would be the degree subject, that is, you could get a BA in Tourism. Autumn 1986 took UHÄ decisions according to our wish.

Started the academic tourism education in Sweden in 1977/78 at the University of Kalmar.

Teaching aids and materials

Translation of the Norwegian book "Reiselivsproduktet" into Swedish "Turism & affärsresande", publisher Sellin & Partner, Stockholm, 2002.

Developed a Risk Research Programme at Kalmar University: Risk Management in Service

Business - Tourism and Travel. 1997.

Quality Development as a Psychosocial Work Environment Problem within Hotels and Restaurants. Working paper 1995.

Developed and edited a case study material for the Scandinavian tourism industries, on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers, 1994.

Consultant works

Initiated, 2000/2001, the development of tourism education at Södertörn University from at be one term tourism, 20 points to become the 3 semesters, 60 points.
Was hired as a senior lecturer from the University of Kalmar to bring new knowledge in tourism to SH.

Urban Tourism. The Attraction of small or middle-sized towns on tourists. Kalmar University, 1997.

Evaluation Report of Bornholm Research Centre. Danish Ministry of Research, 1996.

East-Asia project, a database for the Swedish Travel Industry. In co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1994.

Responsible for establishing a Travel and Tourism museum in co-operation with the Swedish Tourist Board, 1989-1995.

Catalogue of case studies within the tourism industry. Nordic Council of Ministers 1994.

Tourism in Gislaved´s municipality. Gislaved municipality, 1987.

Tourism in Höör community. Höör community, 1987

Evaluation of tourism in Åtvidaberg´s municipality. Åtvidaberg municipality 1986

Evaluation of "Blå Kusten" - The Blue Coast, organization and forms of labour. Blå kusten organisationen 1986.

Tourism along the Göta Canal. Göta kanalbolaget, 1983

Development of tourism in Smygehuk, Ystads kommun, 1983

Swedish cottage villages: The standard and comparison of prices, SCR, 1983

Inter alia

Co-editor of ACTA ACADEMIAE STROMSTADIENSIS. Electronic scientific journal. Strömstad academy, Nordic institute of advanced research. 2013 and further on.

Invited as member of the Scientific Committee at The 2nd Advances in Hospitality & Tourism.

Marketing and Management Conference May 2012. Organised by the Alexander Technological Institute of Thessaloniki, the Washington State University and the Democritus University Thrace.

Invitation to join the EU project Partners in Excellence: Towards a joint research programme in support of the development of European tourism. Stenden University, European Tourism Futures Institute, CG Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. 2-5 November 2011.

The modern tourist – the bad guy of climate change? Unpublished report, Tourism Studies, Södertörn University, 2011.

International referee in the journal Current Isusses in Tourism – Letters. Publisher Routledge from 2011 - and further on.

International Scientific and Editorial Board Member of University of Tourism and Management Journal of Economics, Skopje. 2010 - and further on.

Chairman of the examination board at International Institute for Industrial Environment and Economy, Lund University for the doctoral thesis "Destination Unknown? The Emergence of Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development of Tourism". Author Camelia Tepelus, 2008.

Member of International Scientific and Editorial Board of Tourism and Hospitality

Management. An International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research. 2006 - and further on.

Member of the examination board at Roskilde University dissertation "Tourism in Bornholm". 1998.

Established "RFG" 1997 at Kalmar University, "Risk Research Group".

Established a yearly gathering of Scandinavian tourism researchers. The first meeting took place in Mariehamn, Åland 1992, called Nordic Research Conference in Tourism. Later it changed name to Scandinavian Research Symposium on Tourism.

Established ITEF at Kalmar University 1989, the "Institute for Tourism Economic Research".

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