Ann Werner

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

My research investigate intersections of media, music and gender. I teach Gender Studies, Teacher Training Programs and am director of studies for the post grad in Gender Studies.

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Culture and Education


I am a teacher and researcher in Gender Studies at Södertörn university since 2009. During my time at Södertörn i have conducted research about Nordic popular music online (finansed by STINT) and worked in the project "Music use in the online media age: A qualitative study of music cultures among young people in Moscow and Stockholm" funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. Also, I teach undergraduate Gender studies, and I teach in the Teacher Training Program at Södertörn University.

Before working at Södertörn University I wrote a dissertation on teenage girls, music culture and gender identity at Linköping University. I defended my ph d thesis in June 2009. My research has often revolved around music and media and is within the field of Feminist Cultural Studies using both media theory and gender theory and, often, ethnographic methods. The disseration and other projects/articles analyse cultural representations and peoples uses, experiences and production of them. Besides my work at Södertörn University I have conducted research and teaching at Linköping University, Linnaeus University and Stockholm University. Currently my reaserch focuses on music, politics and feminism in social media.

Recent publications:

Werner, Ann (2019 forthcoming): "What does genuder have to do with music, anyway? Mapping the relationship between music and gender", Per Musi, 2019:1.

Johansson, Sofia, Ann Werner, Patrik Åker & Greg Goldenzwaig (2018): Streaming music: Practices, media, cultures, London: Routledge.

Werner, Ann (2017): "Titiyo: Race, gender and genre in Swedish popular music", In: Alf Björnberg & Thomas Bossius (eds.): Made in Sweden: Studies in popular music,
New York: Routledge, sid. 189-199.

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