Ann Werner

Ann Werner

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

I am associate professor in Gender Studies, my research investigates intersections of gender, music, theatre and media.

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Culture and Education


I started as senior lecturer in Gender Studies at Södertörn University in 2009. The same year I defended my dissertation in Culture Studies about teenage girls' music use and gender identity at Linköping University. Since then my research has focused on popular music, streaming services and feminism in the music industies, using feminist theory and often focusing on listeners or institutions/networks. Media studies and popular music studies are areas of research drawn upon in research projects funded by several Swedish funding bodies such as Riksbanken, The Swedish Institutes and STINT.

My research interests combine studies of gender, music and digital media. Expressed in for example feminist studies of algorithmic culture on Spotify, but also in research on how belonging in terms of nation and gender is expressed in conservatory education's practice, policy and marketing. Currentlu I have two ongoing projects, 'Conservatory cultures', focuses on how nation and gender are constructed and percieved in higher classical music education, 'Culture of silence' investigate sexual harassment and silence in Swedish performing arts.

My forthcoming book: Feminism and gender Politics in Mediated Popular Music (Bloomsbury 2022) External link, opens in new window.

My latest article: Resistance in Maxida Märak’s album Utopi External link, opens in new window.

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