Anna Bark Persson

Anna Bark Persson

Doctoral Student

PhD candidate in Gender Studies within the project Reimagining Nordden in an Evolving World (ReNEW).

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Culture and Education


I am a PhD candidate in gender studies within the project Re-imagining Norden in an Evolving World (ReNew). My thesis project revolves around representations of Vikings, Norden and Nordic masculinity in contemporary Anglophone fantasy literature. My point of departure is a queer reading of the Viking motif in order to understand how sexuality and heteronormativity work to constitute contemporary understandings of the Viking and Nordic masculinities in the past, as well as an attempt to queer the Viking and distrub its often immediate linkages to heterosexual, hyper- and normative masculinity.

I have both my BA and MA in gender studies from Uppsala University, where I also studied English philology and literature. My research interests mainly revolve around literary analysis and cultural studies, and I am particularly interested in questions of gendered narratives and genre conventions, masculinity, queer representation, cyborg theory and posthumanism.

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